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I have no time for flash.

2008-12-01 16:31:17 by GibsonR

I wish I could get back into animating, but i has no time.

good thing nobody remembers me anymore :DDDD!

I lack inspiration...

2008-03-08 15:36:36 by GibsonR feed me some sunshine?


2007-07-28 12:10:35 by GibsonR

on sunday, the 22nd I broke my skateboard... :C I was grinding a rail, landed on it funny and it cracked down the middle... :c

I was rly pissed, but then I convinced my parents to get me a new one if I earned most of the money, so I got a new deck, new wheels, and new bearings! :]

I used to have the element jah balance fiberlight logo deck.. it was really nice, had great pop, but over time my grip tape kinda died, and It barely had any grip at all... on it I had destructo trucks, and element abec7 bearings in some element featherlight wheels.. (lots of element. o.o )

now I have an Almost Red Dawn V2 deck with the same destructo trucks, some spitfire daewon song wheels and Pig Checks bearings... Abec 5. its a really nice set up, and now I actually have grip tape :]

anyways.. I love skateboarding.